Past Group Members

VEW 3+

Matteo Sinerchia Ph.D in Fisheries Recruitment, LERM-ES, LERM-PS models, VEW 3 Testing and Data Viewer Code
Jeremy Cope M.Sci in Plankton Epidemiology, UROP (04,05,06) Plankton Demography and Software Engineering
Adrian Rogers 3-D modelling and Software Engineering
Mohamad Raza Auto-documentation, Web Design and Software Engineering
Pre-VEW 3+

Reza Adams M.Eng Project, Epidemiology
Samir Al-Battram M.Eng Computing, Parallelisation and Multi-species
Massoud Aref Part time computing support
Wolfgang Barkmann Research Assistant, Science Modules
Tim Barrell M.Sc Computing, Epidemiology
Alan Brice Software Engineering - early VEW
Matt Booth UROP - Parallelisation
Cheng-Hua Chang M.Sc student. Diel migration
James Duggin UROP - Gut passage delay
Pak-Wing Fok M.Sc Maths/UROP - Parameters GUI
Sam Grattrix UROP - Diagnostics
Chris Harris M.Eng Computing. Phytoplankton size classes
Chris Hurt M.Sc Birkbeck Computing, Demographic noise.
Ben Jefferys UROP - Parallelisation
Cheng-Chien Liu Ph.D in Ocean Colour
Katrina Lythgoe UROP (Oxford) Demography
Camille Maclet M.Eng, Gut Passage Time
Enrique Nogueira EC Research Fellow. Biodiversity, size-based model
Darren Osbourne M.Sc Computing, Particle Management
Lucas Partridge Postdoc research fellow, biodiversity, food-web model
Simon Smith M.Sci Maths/UROP, Gut Passage Delay and Epidemiology
Kevin Stratford Postdoc Software Engineering. VEW and Patchiness
Sarah Talbot Postdoc Software Enginnering on early VEW
Jana Tharmaratnam UROP - Demography
Dave Turner M.Eng Computing - Fish Larvae
Stephen Warren M.Eng Computing - Parallelisation
Uli Wolf Research Student - Upwelling
Camilla Zoncu Secretary and Technical Support