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August 2010 - New Website Launch
The new website is now launched, available on, and Welcome!
July 2009 - Congratulations to Melissa Saeland
Melissa has completed her undergraduated course in Computing and Oceanography at the University of Wales (Bango) with first class honours and the J. H. Gee award for outstanding achievement in computer related mathematics. The J.H.Gee Prize was awarded for her research project based on the Virtual Ecology Workbench. During the summer vacations of 2007 and 2008 Melissa used the VEW at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences as an intern (supervisor Dr Mike Lomas) funded by the UK Trustees of BIOS. Her project was to create a model plankton community with the principal species monitored in the BATS programme, and using that model to simulate the Bermuda plankton ecosystem. Melissa has been awarded an EPSERC studentship tenable at Southampton University Institute for Complexity in association with the National Oceanography Centre, which is located on the waterfront campus at Southampton University.
May 2008 - VPE Technical Report No. 8 Published
Documentation of the LERM model has been published. LERM (Lagrangian Ensemble Recruitment Model) is the first LE model to include a dynamic population of carnivorous zooplankton, as well as two populations of top predators that prey on herbivores and carnivores, respectively. LERM is the first biological model created entirely on the VEW, and was therefore used extensively as a test case for developing the VEW. LERM now replaces WB as the baseline model for research in the Virtual Ecology group at Imperial College. This technical report serves as a template for the documentation of future biological models created on the VEW. Download it here.
December 2007 - VEW 3.3 Handbook Published
This handbook describes every feature of VEW 3.3, including a set of tutorial models. Also a supplementary handbook from the 2006 workshop is available, which contains more scientific background to the VEW. Download both here.
October 2007 - Prof. John Woods shares the Nobel Peace Prize
Prof. John Woods shares the Nobel Peace Prize 2007, which was awarded jointly to Al Gore, and to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Prof. Woods shares this award as a member of IPCC, and the lead author of the pivotal chapter on modelling climate change in the first IPCC report, "Time-dependent greenhouse-gas-induced climate change": The IPCC Assessment. (Ch 6, p173-194, Cambridge University Press, 1990) - among the most significant and bold scientific and political ventures of our time.
October 2007 - Congratulations to Dr. Matteo Sinerchia
Matteo has successfully defended his Ph. D thesis: Testing Theories on Fisheries Recruitment. Download his thesis here.